Pearl Brewery
Agency - Guerilla Suit
Design Director - Luigi Maldonado
Client - Pearl Brewery
I was given the task to design a series of posters & social media ads that announced Pearl Brewery's events throughout the summer. I used each event as inspiration for the creative direction I took. 
Monday Movie Series: 
"Hecho en San Antonio" celebrated local movies that were made in the city of San Antonio. I based the visual direction on an old cinema title scene and used the city's famous building landmark, The Alamo, and the nopal cactus which is a plant that grows prolifically and has cultural meaning in this city.
"Cinema Culinarian" showcased movies that are tied into the world of culinary arts. I based the visual direction of this on an old cinema title scene as well and used the ornamentation and salt & pepper shaker to tie everything in.
Back to School Prom:
Decided to take a fun and playful approach with this design. To emphasis that the event was for kids I using primary colors & back-to-school characters with offset alignment to give it a light-hearted touch.
Magik Theatre:
For this direction I used the masks of comedy & drama, a brighter & playful color palette, and a custom headline to add personality and a touch of whimsy since this event was family friendly and during the day.
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